About Hidden Bolt Top Caps

 Hidden bolt top caps are very exciting! Finally you can have art across the entire surface on the most interesting canvas space on your bicycle. A unique top cap is the most cost effective upgrade you can make for your bicycle which can be easily personalized.  




Mounting is no more difficult than a traditional top cap. Simply:

  1. remove your old top cap and bolt
  2. install the base of the hidden bolt top cap 
  3. Insert the counter sunk bolt provided, tighten to 5Nm
  4. Place cover cap on main cap, line up art, and slowly press the cap
  5. Go for a ride!

Yeah but what about removal? Great Question!

  1. Apply some Isopropyl Alcohol onto a clean rag
  2. Wipe your top cap with the Isopropyl Alcohol to remove finger oils
  3. Cut a 1" strip of Gorilla Tough & Clear Double Sided Adhesive
  4. Apply Gorilla Double Sided Adhesive onto center cap
  5. Bunch all four corners of the tape to the center of the center cap
  6. Pull all four corners up quickly, and the center cap will be removed
  7. No damage, no fuss