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Introducing the Aluminum Hidden Bolt Bicycle Two-Piece Stem Top Cap

Upgrade the aesthetics of your bike with our premium two-piece stem top cap, meticulously designed with deep laser engraving on high-quality aluminum. This top cap is specifically crafted for 1-1/8" steerers, providing a secure and stylish addition to your bicycle.

Key Features:

Deep Laser Engraved Designs: Our top cap showcases intricate and visually striking designs, created with precision DEEP laser engraving. Choose from a variety of patterns, logos, or custom designs to personalize your bike and make it truly unique.

Hidden Bolt Design: The hidden bolt mechanism adds to the sleek appearance of the stem top cap. With no visible bolts on the surface, it provides a clean and streamlined look that complements any bike frame.

Durable Aluminum Construction: We've chosen high-quality aluminum for its lightweight, yet robust properties. This ensures the top cap is both durable and resistant to the rigors of cycling, providing long-lasting performance.

Easy Installation: Installing the two-piece stem top cap is a breeze. Simply install the lower half of the top cap with the supplied bolt. Then, attach the engraved center cap to cover the bolt, complete the art, and finalize the assembly.

Universal Compatibility: Our top cap is designed to fit 1-1/8" steerers, which is a common size for most modern bicycles. Whether you have a road bike, mountain bike, or hybrid, this top cap is compatible with a wide range of models.

Upgrade your bike's stem with our Aluminum Hidden Bolt Bicycle Two-Piece Stem Top Cap, featuring deep laser engraving designs. Elevate your riding experience and showcase your personal style with this premium accessory. Get ready to turn heads on your next cycling adventure!

OD: 32mm ID: 28mm Insert Depth: 4.8mm Mounting Bolt M6X30 Flat Head
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